We’re a collective of writers & natural rebels. We aim to deliver discerning, cultivated concepts and solid recommendations. Since launching in England in 2010, we’ve experienced many of the world’s best spa, wellness and creative retreats. Over the years we’ve evolved from reviewing and recommending retreats to clients all over the world, to opening up discussions on art, music, philosophy and so on.

Our retreat directory highlights places that we’ve personally experienced so we know that they have an all-round good vibe. Some are spa & wellness retreats and others are just great places to stay, rejuvenate and generate new ideas.

We developed our Mulberry silk eye masks from the years of travelling and due to many of our clients asking us where to buy a good quality eye mask for their travels. We decided to create our own and believe it or not a simple bean shaped mask is surprisingly challenging to master. After many trials and errors we think we’ve done a pretty good job, they are buttery soft, large so they block out the light (and other humans), they truly do assist with relaxation, sleep and travel.

Liz Bonney the founding member of Omkara has spent decades touring in bands and freelancing as a graphic artist both careers involved countless late nights. These experiences led her to understand that one of the most sustainable ways to feel confident with your creativity and access the energy required to produce quality results, is to live a healthy lifestyle, at least most of the time, and to be around people and places that allow you to share ideas and find ways to make these ideas come to life.

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Liz Bonney
Creative Director
Liz reviews retreats & interviews many of the personalities featured on Omkara. She also works as a graphic artist and generates the creative content for Omkara and other brands. Her latest project is producing luxury silk eye masks which can be found online & in various spa resorts.
Workout: Mysore Ashtanga Yoga
Base: Sydney Australia

Spa Connoisseur

Corinna Yap has a vast history within the spa & wellness industry. Her background as the Director of Sales for COMO Shambhala at COMO Hotels & Resorts has made her an expert with Urban Spa’s and wellness retreats around the world. Corinna is our number one to ask advice on all things spa.
Workout: Yoga & Running
Base: London UK

Advisor & writer

Amaryllis Knight is drawn to adventure and discovery, she has traveled extensively, seeking out vernacular architecture, art, music and history, all of which inform her work. She is an entrepreneur and investor that is committed to growing mission-based businesses that innovate for social impact.
Workout: Yoga & Hiking
Base: Los Angeles