Mandala on pregnant woman

Mandalas Medicine

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Nina Rae Saunders is a local-born artist from Byron Bay, Australia. Growing up surrounded by and connected to nature, Nina developed a unique painting style using sacred mandalas that incorporate her natural and metaphysical surroundings. Nina has been painting mandalas for over 20 years and finds inspiration from Native American medicine wheels and textiles, Tibetan sand mandalas, Thangka paintings, Aztec and Pre-Colombian art, Celtic Mandalas, Hindu Yantras, Indigenous Australian art, Ancient Mythological art, sacred geometry and mandalas in nature, such as those depicted in Ernst Haeckel’s Artforms in Nature.

Nina’s mandalas have evolved from paintings on canvas, to becoming ceremonial body art for a pregnant woman. This ceremonial process honors the life cycle of the incarnating child to birth and beyond. The mandala and the processes are an offering and blessing to the family, the mother, the new child and the cosmic process of precious life.

The natural environment is an important part of the artistic process for Nina. Each mandala blessing connects the forces of nature with the unborn child who has previously lived in a realm free of space and time. Offering the natural elemental forces to the unborn child nurtures and supports the child as it adjusts between the spiritual and physical states of being during the profound journey of pregnancy and birth. 

From the moment of birth and indeed before birth, the baby experiences touch. The importance of touch and human connection plays a big part in the ceremonial process, bringing human touch from the outside to the child within, giving the child love and warmth, thus enlivening in a harmonious way the child’s sensory organisation and connection to the physical world. The mandala is offered as a spiritual gateway between realms, blessing the mother, the child, and the birth.

Meaning of mandala:

  • A circular figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.
  • In Jungian psychology a mandala as a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity

Interesting things about Mandalas:

  • have the effect of balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain
  • are a form of sacred geometry (the science of hidden energy patterns)- The Golden Mean, Fibonacci sequence…
  • are universal and cross-cultural across the world
  • mandalas are present in nature
  • they leave a positive imprint in the mind and can be used for calming visualisations and meditation

Painting mandalas on pregnant women:

  • Body adornment is an ancient and universal art often used to mark a rite of passage, which is perfectly fitting for women about to have a baby, it’s a defining moment in her life.
  • It’s deeply honoring of both mother and child and is a powerful and magical blessing
  • It’s refreshing to celebrate women in their pregnant form, to give reverence to their bodies in this way as opposed to the stereotypical way women are portrayed in western society. It feels liberating and strengthening for women as a whole.
  • Every mother-to-be deserves to be pampered and this is a relaxing and nurturing experience which leaves them feeling like a goddess
  • A pregnant belly is the perfect round canvas for a mandala.