Relax and Renew at Kamalaya

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After a hot and challenging day in Bangkok I warmly welcomed the idea of relaxing at Kamalaya as our flight landed at Koh Samui airport. My spirits were lifted with the warmest of welcomes by Kamalayas friendly transfer staff, greeting me with a warm smile, a lemon scented refresher towel and a comfortable 4WD transfer, equipped with silk cushions & spring water. With such attention to detail the calming effect of the resort was already working its magic.

My first vision as we turned into the driveway was a statue of a small golden elephant and a Hindu shrine, both reminding me of the devotion in Asia to the gods and the many daily ceremonies that are performed, allowing one to surrender to something far greater than ourselves. I already felt open and ready to heal in this authentic wellness sanctuary. The relaxed ambience gave me a feeling that personal transformation would occur naturally as a bi-product of being there.

I stayed in the Ocean View Villa (room 46) on the beach and as I opened the door I found myself in a contemporary open plan Villa with traditional Asian touches; classic wooden Asian furniture, an alluring bathroom that spans both indoors and outdoors, spacious wardrobes and a comfortable large king size bed. Steps from the bedroom lead down into a bright open plan living room leading onto a balcony that overlooks the beach. My relaxation was greatly enhanced thanks to the lack of a Television set within the room (if you’re desperate you may request one). If you feel the need to stay connected to the outside world high speed Internet is available for a small additional cost.

Care had been taken to leave little booklets with the health benefits of the Thai fruits and teas, which are provided in the rooms and are replenished daily. The bed has a lovely welcome note with a pillow menu and the following days activity schedule along with a tropical flower, what a delight.

Once I’d unpacked I couldn’t resist doing some exploring. The beach was small & beautiful with turquoise water with large round rocks coming out of the sea. The relaxed pool area has views of the Ocean and is adjacent to the Amrita Café, which I discovered is a haven of tasty delights. Carvings of stone goddesses line the steps down to the pool creating an enshrined entrance to the water.

The Wellness Sanctuary is large and positioned at the top of the hill with spectacular views of the surrounding horizons. There are many facilities, treatments and unique therapies available. The design unifies the surrounding nature with the plunge pools, sauna’s, spa treatment rooms and open-air treatment spaces, plus a new lap pool and gym.

My explorations eventually took me to the hilltop Elixir Bar at the very top of the Wellness Sanctuary. It was clear that I was in an environment where love and wellness took top priority. As I looked out to the coast, I understood that I had the opportunity to completely let go of stress and feel the nurturing effects of Kamalaya throughout my time there.

I ate at the Soma Restaurant that night, and my high expectations weren’t disappointed by the scrumptious selection of nutrient-rich dishes. There’s a nice sociable atmosphere, and plenty of choice.

After enjoying every flavour and feeling the positive effects from the food, I made my way back down the windy pathways to my bed. I loved falling asleep listening to the tropical wildlife mixing with the Ocean. It was hot but I felt happy and blessed to be there, feeling the cool air from the fan I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

The sun started to rise and a new day began with pink and orange horizons. My first adventure was up to the Yoga Pavilion for sunrise Pranayama led by Rajesh. The Yoga Pavilion is nestled on the top of the hill behind the Wellness Sanctuary with views of the ocean and neighboring islands.

Next up was an hour of yoga. Our 15 min break allowed just enough time for a wheatgrass & Gotu Kola shot with a detox juice chaser. Feeling energized, I happily made my way to the Yoga Pavilion for an Ashtanga inspired group class led by Noi.

A healthy buffet-style breakfast set me up for the day and my next appointments. First on the list was my Body Bio-impedance Analysis & personal consultation with the friendly Naturopath, Laurel. Together we created a schedule for optimum living and personal transformation. I choose a customized version of the Asian Bliss programme which included Meditation, Chi Gong ,Thai Chi, Yoga, Massages (Indian head massage, Asian foot massage, Royal Ayurvedic massage, Traditional Thai Massage), a herbal flower bath acupuncture and life coaching. I was also able to mix and match the schedule with the complimentary daily activities, which change weekly and include sessions with visiting masters, cooking classes, meditation, yoga, Thai Chi and other surprises like tea ceremonies.

As my stay at Kamalaya progressed, every new treatment I had seemed to reach a new level of enrichment. After my Royal Ayurvedic Massage I felt like I was floating several feet above the massage table and wondered how I would enter back into my body as I had the awareness the treatment was over, it took me a while to come back to my physical body and when I did I felt like a had new cells. Each practitioner has an incredible ability to both heal and pass on knowledge during the treatment. The morning meditations enabled true relaxation and the workshops from visiting masters were outstanding.

The guest speakers had an insightful way of addressing universal principals of the mind, senses, ego & intelligence and gave us safe, practical ways to explore these concepts along with exercises enabling us to apply ourselves in our daily life, potentially opening up a pathway towards our own enlightenment.

One aspect did stand out as a personal highlight, which was the life coaching I did with Rajesh. It was a truly healing and transformational experience, and even with my high expectations for the stay it went a long way beyond anything I’d hoped for. I went into the sessions with an open mind and came out with an open heart, for which I will forever be thankful.

From the second I arrived up until to the day I (very reluctantly) left, the whole experience was exceptional. The attentive guest services, world-class treatments and the nutritious meals have given me a newfound energy. I feel like I have the clarity to fulfill my dreams and cultivate a dynamic relationship with the higher purpose in my own life. I can’t thank everyone at Kamalaya enough for the tranquil, nurturing environment they offered my mind, body and soul.