Use Minimalist Packing To Enhance Your Retreat Experience

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In our modern lives, we are accustomed to living in excess, with an abundance of belongings and technology at our fingertips – however, the key to successfully packing for a wellness escape is to travel light and be true to the intention of your trip.

Retreats are an incredible opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and heal. Whether your focus is to practice yoga, detox your body or encourage mindfulness; how you spend your downtime is just as important as the scheduled daily regime.

Most experiences will provide you with a checklist of which basics to bring, but it can be difficult to decide on what extras to pack. Retreats differ from regular holidays as they are usually focused on connecting with ourselves and nature – without the distractions from the outside world that cause stress and promote fatigue.

This means that many of the items we habitually pack for a trip will, in fact, go against this intention, such as cameras and music devices.

With this in mind, here’s our brief list of retreat friendly essentials:   

Sunglasses – It’s never safe to leave the house without your shades – best to pack a few pairs just in case.

Book – The old-fashioned, paper kind – try to be as tech-free as possible and read instead of using your phone in your free time.

Swimwear – Water is healing, make sure you try to maximise opportunities to swim. Most spa retreats have steam & sauna facilities and other forms of bathing, which have multiple wellness benefits.

Eye mask – Travelling is much easier when you can sleep on the plane and once you arrive at your destination, sleeping with an eye mask will help you settle into the new environment. Adequate rest is a key factor in the cleansing and wellness process.

Walking shoes & Basic flip flops – Most retreat experiences include exploring your surroundings – make sure you have comfortable shoes for adventures & simple flip flops to go from room to treatments, yoga sessions etc.

Water bottle – Most detoxes involve drinking lots of water, keep your favourite bottle handy for travelling and to minimise the need for plastics.

Journal – Writing things down is a great way to encourage mindfulness, self-reflection and to record your journey

Sun Hat – It is essential to take care of your skin and protect it from the elements.

Camera – preferably a real one so you spend less time on your phone, if your not the photographer/arty type then a phone is just fine.

Clothing – It really depends on the retreat and its best to always check with them first. I always pack my comfiest clothes, some yoga gear and a few options for casual chic dinner – most retreats are casual, however, sometimes it’s nice to have the option to change from treatment & yoga gear into something dressier (still casual) at night.

Author: Jade Hunter

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